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The Aim of Counselling is to provide clients with a confidential opportunity to explore their thoughts and feelings in safety. The therapists role is to help them get through this process without judgment or telling them what to do. On occasion they may be guided with information and suggestions.

Expert Therapists

With our diverse expertise and experience , we are confident to help people succeed in their professional and personal dreams, while learning how to live a more fulfilled life.

Happiness factor

We help people achieve their goals, resolve emotional traumas, personal problems and reach levels of success to create a life one loves.

Success Rate

Clients who have approached us have gone back with more clarity and have reached higher levels of success, harmony and happiness. In effect we provide the tools of knowledge, motivation, support and accountability along their journey!

Hello, I’m Dr.Divina D’Costa Prabu

Professional life coach, counsellor, spiritual guide and mother of three. A caring, compassionate and a wise teacher who knows how to listen and co-create with her clients, and knows that taking action is the key to progress and achieve success in life. 

Commitment to every client’s success is extremely important. Listening a skills are high, and she will listen to you on a deep level and offer gentle and objective feedback.

She challenges every individual to dream, dare, desire, determine and decide so as to take control of their lives and impact society at large.

Be smart and take care of your mental health

Stress Management

How you think about stress matters enormously in terms of how you process it. Today's world is all about change. Yet, for some people change is difficult. Our ability to change, adapt to life's curves are even road blocks, helps determine our success in life.


Self-care, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and no daily routine. Emotions feel out of control and one cannot stop them from coming out in the "wrong way" at the "wrong time'. You aren't alone in this journey and to break the shame and stigma surrounding depression is to talk about it.


A lot of damage can be caused by trauma/abuse and PTSD to mental wellbeing, but that doesn't mean we can't grow. You are not alone in this journey and its more than okay to set boundaries. Setting boundaries isn't selfish, its necessary.

Emotional issues

Emotional neglect is incredibly contradictory. It is simple, ordinary and ubiquitous but also powerfully disruptive.


Enable people to believe that they have the potential and the ability to discover resources to achieve their dreams.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a emotional, physical and spiritual necessity. The only cure for grief is to grieve. Being able to grieve in a healthy way requires a series of personality traits and skills.


Individual Therapy

Career Guidance

Couples Therapy

Professional Training

Group Therapy

Commitment Issues Counseling


Dr. Divina Prabu

Independent counselling practice, specializing in career guidance, mentoring, goal setting, adolescent support, holistic development, addiction issues and other psychological issues.


With a Masters Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy, I am able to address the emotional, social, and behavioral challenges through psychological counseling and consultation.


As an experienced teacher and counselor, I have counselled students with learning issues. My stint with an NGO helped me counsel children suffering from mild to severe PTSD.

Arul Ananda Prabhu

recommendations and reviews

"A patient listener with empathy and compassion blended in with positive communication, discrete and non judgemental, current on research and authentic - all this governed by a heart of gold instilling hope to a yearning world."
George T
"Knowing Divina and having reviewed this site, I have no doubt that the path ahead will be filled with information evidence based best counselling practices; inspiration, wisdom and quiet bubbling joy of life! I have no hesitation in recommending Fortitude Counselling Services."
Heather MacPhail
"Helps me relax and gets me diverted from negative thoughts.Helps me to make a choice to travel on my own path and helps me overcome hurdles and obstacles and follow my dreams"

feeling burdened, lonely and lost ?